Thursday, November 4, 2010

Combat Kids

CBBC's new drama Combat Kids starts on Monday 22 November 5.45-6.15pm pm the CBBC channel,
as part of the Kids and Conflict Season.

In Combat Kids, 12-year-old Jed and best friends Christie and Zara all live on an army base. They like exploring the woods, dodging authority figures, playing games of soldiers and enjoying the freedom that goes with growing up in a secure environment. Then one day warnings appear on signs in the woods, and Zara becomes strangely secretive.

The friends finally meet Xan, a strange boy who has been lurking in the woods. He makes an astonishing claim – he's an alien from another planet and the old armoured vehicle in their den is actually the space-ship he arrived in. He needs their help.

Joining Anna Jobarteh as 13 year old Christie and Kieran Wallbanks as 11 year old Alexander (Xan), are newcomers Charlie Hiscock from Keighley as Jed,

and Eden Nathenson (represented by CAM) as 10 year old Zara.

Director Paul Wilmhurst said of his young cast:
"Our child actors were the focus of everything we did. Casting director Julie Harkin had helped us to find an intriguing mix of kids with individuality and strong personalities. Some were already quite experienced, others less so. Our lead, Charlie Hiscock, was a complete newcomer who came through the workshop process and impressed us all in auditions.
He turned out to be utterly compelling, self-possessed, well prepared and full of curiosity. It was gratifying to watch a young actor find his feet and take to the filming process so eagerly and with such concentration."

Also look out for Skins Series 3 & 4 star Lily Loveless who appears in the programme playing the role of Jed's sister Bex, a 17 year old who has fallen for a young private (played by Nick Blood) who lives on the base. It's her second relationship with a soldier. The first was very much obstructed by her mum who doesn't want Bex ending up as an army wife with all the stresses that come with it. So Bex is keeping this one quiet. Not that secrecy is an easy thing behind the wire where everybody seems to know everything about everybody else.

Combat Kids can also be seen on BBC One on Thursday 25 November at 4.30pm.

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