Friday, October 29, 2010

Tati's Hotel opens for business

Screenterrier reported back in September on the casting of 7 year old Mya Lecia Naylor from London as Tati, in Tati's Hotel, a new TV children's drama for CITV and TV Ontario, which is being filmed by Machine Productions and Screen Door in Cardiff from November 1st until Christmas.

"During the casting process for Tati's Hotel, Mya-Lecia
Naylor walked in the room and we knew instantly we had our
star. Teamed with a gymnastic Bopper, a dancing Dizzee, a
grumpy Mr Snapweazle and an array of brilliantly realised puppets, we think Tati has the 'Magic Factor'", said Jane Steventon, producer.
Also starring in the series, described as a ‘magical Fawlty Towers comedy for 4 to 7 year olds’, are 12 year old Yaari Magenheim, a young actor from Toronto and

18 year old Elinor Crawley from Cardiff.

Tati's Hotel is  an original 26 part series from Jane Steventon and Jane Dauncey, who met working on The Story of Tracy Beaker and worked together on Casualty, before setting up their own production company in Wales.

A converted warehouse near Penarth Road in Cardiff is the filming location for "the newest luxury hotel in Cardiff, complete with chandeliers, revolving doors and every guest has a room specially decorated to suit their personality. It also has a talking telephone, a blue-striped cat and is run by a seven-year-old girl!"

Each week, a different guest comes to stay – an alien, a princess, a strongman, a magician. Tati and her friends have to adapt to dealing with each remarkable guest.

“The show is all about empowering the audience and giving them a wide range of people and stories to enjoy. Hopefully Tati will become a character that inspires and delights family audiences around the world.”

For CITV, it’s a very significant commission at a time when it’s hard for a British commercial broadcaster to finance childrens’ programmes.

“It’s Machine’s first international co production,” said Jane Steventon, “ And we’re looking forward to welcoming some top Canadian acting talent. The camera team and the puppetry have been arranged by our co-producers, Screen Door -– the puppet designs are really sophisticated, but sweet and funny.”

The 26-part series is due to be screened next spring on CITV.

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