Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Misfits Series 2 return date confirmed

The BAFTA-winning E4 drama Misfits returns to our screens for a second series on Thursday 11th November.

Created by Howard Overman, the Clerkenwell Films series centres on five teenagers caught in a freak storm, who are subsequently endowed with superpowers. All the main cast, Iwan Rheon, Antonia Thomas, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart Jarrett, and Robert Sheehan, are set to return for Series 2.

It'll be screening once again on E4, and presumably will be repeated on Channel 4 in the near future as well.

Watch the promo teaser:

And check out the synopsis for Episode 1 (contains spoilers!)

With Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon still mourning the apparent death of Nathan, a mysterious masked man leads the gang to Nathan’s grave, where Kelly hears his thoughts and realises that he’s still alive. The gang dig Nathan up...

Although Nathan’s officially dead, the gang’s new probation worker Shaun gets him back into the community service system. With the gang reunited they meet Lucy, a patient on day release from a psychiatric ward to do an art therapy class at the community centre. Unbeknownst to the gang, Simon knows Lucy: he used to be a patient at the psychiatric unit too, where she had become obsessed with him.

After Simon publicly snubs Lucy, strange things start to happen around the community centre: most notably, Alisha gives Simon a blow-job. The gang soon realises that Lucy, who was also struck in the storm, has a strange power and she uses it to play them off against one another as she wreaks revenge on Simon. What follows is a bloody cat-and-mouse game of hide-and-seek as the gang hunt for Lucy around the community centre...

Unbeknownst to the gang, a mysterious masked figure follows their every move from the roof of the community centre...

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