Friday, October 1, 2010

Me and My Monsters

10 year old Macauley Keeper stars as Eddie in CBBC's new series Me and My Monsters.

Macauley (represented by D&B) hails from Bromley in Kent, and voiced Morton in award-winning animated series Charlie and Lola.

The fiendish new live-action comedy series follows the lives of the Carlson family. Nick, Kate and their children Eddie and Angela have recently relocated from Australia to a smart townhouse in the UK. It has everything they could wish for in a new home; original features, plenty of rooms and a fabulous kitchen. Even more incredibly it was on the market at a knock-down price. Some might say it was a giveaway. So what's the catch? Well... there are monsters in the basement! 

But they're not the kind of monsters that people should be afraid of. Fiend, Haggis and Norman might look a bit odd; they might cause mess and mayhem; they might have questionable personal hygiene issues – but the reality is they just want to be loved and become part of the family.
For Angela, they're the worst house guests a teenage girl could have. For Kate, they're another three kids to juggle with her working life. For highly strung Nick they are a constant source of chaos and stress. But for Eddie, they're the best friends a 10-year-old boy could have.

Eddie's sister Angela is played by 16 year old Australian actress Ivy Latimer (represented by Joan Gibson Management in Australia).

Me and My Monsters starts on Monday 18th October at 8:00am and at 6:30pm on the CBBC channel.


  1. i love me and my monsters i watch it all the time :) xx

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  3. Best show ever I love ivy Latimer's acting skills