Friday, October 29, 2010

The Little House

Rising star Lucy Griffiths, best known for her role as Maid Marion in Robin Hood, stars in a new two-part drama for ITV The Little House. 24 year old Lucy (represented by Hamilton Hodell), has gone blonde again for the part of Ruth, as she did for her role as Jane in ITV's five-part drama Collision.

The Little House is a compelling two-part thriller exploring the psychological power struggles within one family and the lengths an obsessive mother will go to keep control of her son, based on the best-selling novel by Philippa Gregory. Adapted for television by Ed Whitmore, the drama also stars BAFTA-winning actress Francesca Annis, Tim Pigott-Smith, and Rupert Evans.

"The Little House is a creepy and compelling tale of the power struggles within one family. Ed's script brilliantly captures the claustrophobia and tension in Philippa's novel and constantly plays with your perceptions of the two central women. It's an atmospheric and chilling drama," said Laura Mackie, ITV Drama Commissioner.

The drama follows the story of Ruth (Griffiths), who is married to career minded Patrick (Evans) and is pushed towards the limits of her own sanity when she becomes entangled in the lives of her wealthy but interfering in-laws Elizabeth (Annis) and Frederick (Pigott-Smith).

After falling unexpectedly pregnant, Ruth finds herself swept along on a tide of apparently well-intentioned family gestures which leave the previously independent school teacher detached from her former city life and living in ‘the little house’ at the end of her in-laws’ driveway.

The Little House is produced by TXTV who previously produced the critically acclaimed three part drama, Torn for ITV in 2007 which starred Holly Aird, Bradley Walsh and Jo Woodcock.

The first episode is aired on Monday 1st November 9:00pm on ITV1.

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