Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming of Age Series 3

Shooting is about to start in London on the third series of BBC Three’s youth sitcom Coming Of Age.

Although hated by reviewers, the college-based comedy attracts decent ratings on BBC Three, with the first series winning an average weekly reach of 1.2 million.

All the main characters return for the eight-episode new series, including Joe Tracini, Anabel Barnston, Tony Bignell, Hannah Job, and Ceri Phillips.

Jas and Ollie are still separated, but it won't be for long if Ollie has anything to do with it. There are tensions growing between Matt and Chloe as she begins to question just how manly her Mattington really is and there is a surprise in store for DK when his estranged dad, Jim turns up.

The new series features a new character, Robyn Crisp, to be played by 20-year-old actress Minnie Crowe (represented by The Narrow Road Company). Described as ‘a bit of an oddball’, she is said to harbour ‘a big secret’. Minnie is a graduate of Central and also filmed a guest role (Harriet) in CBBC's MI High this year.

Tickets are still available to be in the audience during filming of the show in November and December.

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  1. Beautiful girl if i was on the show i would definitely be her girlfriend