Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tati's Hotel

New CITV Childrens Series 'Tati's Hotel' will feature Mya-Lecia (represented by Alphabet Kidz) in the lead role of seven and a half year ol 'Tati', and is due to start filming this coming November through to December in Cardiff.

Tati's Hotel is a new series from Cardiff and Bristol based Machine Productions and is described as a magical Fawlty Towers for children, with a bright, unstoppable, heroine Tati.

'Tati' is the smallest little girl in a very large family full of aunts and uncles, cousins, brother, sisters, cats & dogs. Phew!  She wishes for a house of her own with millions of bedrooms, squidgy sofas to snuggle into, friends she can have friends with and a kitchen full of treats, a place where she is important.

One day 'Tati' finds a key that sparkles and shines and opens the door to a hotel... underneath the cobwebs and dust 'Tati' can see a place where she can have fun, adventure and a wonderful time..

The 26-part series is due to be screened next spring on CITV.

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