Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Skins Season 5 - Meet Alex Arnold

17 year old  Alex Arnold (represented by Rossmore Management) is set to play a metalhead heavy metal fan called Richard Hardbeck in the teenage TV drama Skins
Alex describes his character and the audition process he went through to get the part in Season 5 of Skins.

“ My character is a metalhead. He’s pretty mixed up about how he feels. He doesn’t really believe in a compromise in any beliefs he has but there’s a girl he meets and it spins his world around a little bit. It’s a metal take on a love story.”
Although Alex managed to beat off competition from 8,000 other hopefuls to get the part on the popular E4 drama, he nearly opted out of the first audition in Camden in May because he was ill.

 “I had a virus that day and I nearly left the queue but my friends who had come with me to audition made me stay. I’ve watched the show and I’m a big fan so I saw it as a good opportunity. I was really surprised to get through all 10 auditions. I’m incredibly lucky to get the part.
“Quite a few of my friends knew I was auditioning but I don’t think any of them expected me to get this far. When I told them I’d been picked they were shocked but pleased for me.”
Alex has been involved with Ashford Youth Theatre, as well as the National Youth Theatre, and has been in several plays but this is his first role on television. After two months of being on set
in Bristol he said his first experience of filming for the small screen has been hard work.
“If we’re working from 7am until 8pm it can be quite tiring,”
However, the job has its perks and the teenager has already met former glamour model turned actress Kelly Brook, who is reportedly playing a fitness instructor in the show.
 “I’ve met Kelly but unfortunately I’m not filming with her. She’s a guest star in one episode. I just met her in the hotel, she’s a very beautiful lady. She was really friendly and smiley. She’s a very lovely person.” 

Although previous actors on the series like Nick Hoult and Dev Patel have gone on to become household names, Alex thinks it will be harder for the show’s fans to recognise him in real life.
“I actually wear a wig in the series so it’s going to be hard to spot me. I don’t know how it’s going to be received. I really hope the show does well, after all we make it for the fans.”

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