Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Holding

Two young stars of the future have just wrapped filming on The Holding, a new thriller based on an isolated farm in the Peak District.

The film focuses on single mum Cassie (Kierston Wareing) who lives on an isolated Peak District farm with her two daughters, Hannah and Amy. Her ruthless neighbour is determined to take her land, before a mysterious stranger turns up knowing a dark secret from her past. What follows is heart-stopping suspense as Cassie fights for her family's survival.

Hannah is played by one of Screenterrier's top picks for the future, Skye Lourie. Skye filmed Pillars of the Earth last year, which is currently screening in the US, and has had a busy year filming both The Holding and another British horror/thriller Guinea Pigs. Skye graduated from Hurtwood House last year and is now represented by Curtis Brown.
Playing her younger sister Amy is 10 year old Maisie Lloyd (represented by Mark Jermin) from Eastbourne. Maisie is the sister of Oscar Lloyd who was recently nominated for Young Soap Star of the Year for his role as Will Wylde in Emmerdale. Both attend the Theatre Workshop Stage School in Eastbourne.

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