Sunday, September 19, 2010


Excluded is a one-off drama showing as part of BBC Two's School Season.

It's set in the fictional The Lamont School, a struggling comprehensive in north London. Spanning the first few weeks of a new school year, the drama charts the intersecting stories of Amanda (Monica Dolan), an ambitious headmistress, Ian (Bryan Dick), an idealistic new maths teacher, and Mark, a troubled and disruptive pupil. 

The heart of the film is in Ian and Mark's fractious relationship, with newcomer George Whitehead playing the lead role of Mark.

To find the young cast, the casting director Sarah Counsell  eschewed theatre schools in favour of street casting and drama groups for kids who had themselves been excluded from school.

Directed by Misha Manson-Smith, the drama was filmed on location at The Grange School in Bristol for two weeks in the summer.

Excluded is on BBC Two at 9pm and BBC HD at 10.30pm on Tuesday, 21 September.

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  1. i WANT MOREEEEEEE OF IT TWAS SO REAL AND SHOWED THE REAL SIDE OF SCHOOL... how would i know ? im in my last year of school and watching excluded i felt they didnt miss a reality out! the swearing the neglection and the teachers HOPE!