Sunday, May 16, 2010


London-based Candid Casting are currently looking for moody young 16 - 19 year old actors to appear in a short film being made by director Andrew McVicars of Third Films (who received a BAFTA nomination for their short Jade).

The story is about the effects of jealousy sparked by the overwhelming power of social networking sites and the effects it has on a relationship.
We are looking for young moody actors aged 16-19 (boys and girls) to appear in this fantastic project so if that is YOU then get in touch with us by email supplying your picture, details and contact details to THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED


  1. Not sure whether you'll be able to answer these questions, but I thought that you would be most likely to know. Does the picture have to be a professional headshot? What should you put for details? And what contact details would they need? I would appreciate it if you could answer these, but if not, thank you for your time anyway.

  2. No, it doesn't have to be a professional headshot but if it's not, make sure it's a clear head and shoulders shot with a good likeness. Send your acting CV or a covering letter detailing your experience/suitability for the role. Include your contact details in the letter, which should be at least your name, email address and a contact phone number.

  3. my acting CV is empty, what if i fit the bill perfectly but lack the experience? would i still be considered?

  4. Unfortunately it's too late to apply for this one now.