Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New teen actors join Hollyoaks

14 year old newcomer Lydia Lloyd-Henry from Bury (represented by PHA Agency in Manchester) joins the cast of Hollyoaks. She plays Amber, who along with her brother Taylor, find themselves in the village with the mother, who is on the run from her husband.

Taylor is played by fellow newcomer 19 year Shaun Blackstock from Harlesden (represented by JLM Personal Management)

The new family are expected to "bring glitz, glamour and great stories" to the programme. The Sharpes make a crash landing into Hollyoaks when mum Gabby (Phina Oruche, Footballer’s Wives) is quite literally knocked off her feet! Whilst making a desperate bid to escape her husband, Gabby is knocked down, only to be rescued by a Hollyoaks knight in shining armour. There is an obvious chemistry between Gabby and her new love-interest but as a mother of two children - Taylor (Shaun Blackstock) and Amber (Lydia Lloyd-Henry) - Gabby is forced to question if she can really leave her husband Phil (Andonis Anthony)?

Manchester School of Acting student Miles Higson (represented by Lime Management in Manchester) joins the cast as the youngest member of the new Costello family.

The Costello family are glamour personified. Ex-Bill actress, Kim Tiddy heads up the family as mum Heidi, an ex-model who’s more than able to hold her own, whilst ex-footballer dad Carl (Paul Opacic) is an incurable ladies man. Eldest son Riley is played by Grange Hill's Rob Norbury (also represented by Lime Managment), who looks set to cause a stir amongst the ladies of Hollyoaks whilst younger brother Seth ( Miles Higson) is determined to step out of his brother’s shadow.

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