Friday, February 26, 2010

The Flying Machine

Candid Casting are currently looking to cast two children to play lead roles in a feature film ‘The Flying Machine’, a part animation part live action production, celebrating the life of Frederic Chopin. The film is being produced by BreakThru films (, who have previously won an Oscar for their animated film ‘Peter and the Wolf’.

The Flying Machine is being made to celebrate 200 years since the birth of Frederic Chopin for 2010.
 The film is a mixture of live action and puppet animation, produced by Breakthru films whose previous animated film Peter and the Wolf won an Oscar in 2008.


In a London concert hall, an audience gathers for a film screening accompanied by Chopin's brilliant and transporting piano etudes. Business executive GEORGIE arrives with her two excited children, JANE and FRED. Overworked, GEORGIE even keeps texting and emailing as superstar virtuoso Lang Lang takes the stage, the lights go down and the film begins to unfold, full-screen...
a puppet animation about the adventures of young Anna and Chip Chip and the flying machine.

After the animated film, the lights come up in the London Concert Hall, and Lang Lang is applauded by all but GEORGIE, still buried in her work, having missed Chopin's magic entirely. The audience gone, JANE and FRED peek through the prop telescope mounted on the grand piano, and promptly seem to vanish into thin air. Georgie thinks they are being naughty and hiding from her, but when Lang Lang himself makes her look through the telescope, she magically follows her children into the world of the film...

JANE and FRED are aboard the flying machine, high over London, while GEORGIE and Lang Lang are soaring after them, aboard his Steinway! And so they embark upon a voyage across Europe – London to Paris to Vienna and then to Poland. At each location the children dive fantastically into Chopin's world: the inside of a piano; a 19th century Paris salon where the composer's artifacts come to life; a comical encounter with a quartet of composers in Vienna; and a meeting with boy Chopin in a world of his actual drawings. Angry at missing work, GEORGIE at first mistakes the journey for a theme park ride, then a mad dream. But, missing her children, she opens up to the pathos and imagination of Chopin's life and music – helped by Lang Lang's impish wit and sublime music-making. When the children end up marooned in the puppet-world, it's the re-awakening of GEORGIE's own Chopinesque passion for dance that reunites them and gets them all home.


Still casting for:

FRED (Age 6 - 7) FRED is very impulsive with bags of energy. He loves to dance and is a bit of an extrovert and adventurer. He is to be no taller than 125cm/49inches/4ft1. JANE, his older sister has now been cast - (11yrs old) she is Caucasian and 150cm tall.

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