Friday, February 5, 2010

Emma Watson named top earning actress in Hollywood

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been named as the highest paid female actress in Hollywood.

Watson, 19, earned more than Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker on a list of Hollywood’s top 40 earners. Her 2009 income was £19million in the inaugural list compiled by Vanity Fair magazine.
Watson, who is studying literature at the prestigious Brown university in Rhode Island, has also picked up lucrative advertising contracts and is the face of fashion chain Burberry.
As well as earning more than any other actress she is also the youngest on the list. Her Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe, 20, fared even better and was placed sixth with an income of £26million.
Incredibly, he was the highest paid actor on the list with the top five places all occupied by directors.
Radcliffe’s bank balance has also been swelled by a guest appearance in an advert to be shown during the Super Bowl game on Sunday.
He features in a spot for the new Hogwarts theme park opening at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, later this year.
The commercial is expected to be seen by more than 100million people. The magazine, which compiled its list from various Hollywood sources, said he pulled in £25million for his role in the final two Harry Potter films.
A further £600,000 came from merchandising linked to the series. Radcliffe, who has used some of his earnings to build up a property portfolio in Britain and America, earned more than Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro.

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