Friday, January 15, 2010

Sir Lanval auditions

Screenterrier reported back in September on the auditions for the two young actresses to play the fairy maidens in the Chagford Filmaking Group's latest film Sir Lanval.

The Chagford Filmmaking Group are now auditioning for the lead roles in a 52 minute film Sir Lanval. It’s a 12th century fairytale about a handsome young knight who falls in love with a fairy. It is a strong actors’ drama with complex characters and relationships set in the court of King Arthur. Filming is in Devon and Brittany in May this year.

‘Sir Lanval’ Auditions – Friday, February 12
Venue: London Bubble Theatre Company, 5 Elephant Lane, London, SE16 4JD

The Roles:

Sir Lanval: lead role – a young knight, playing age 20, French accent preferred but not essential, needs to move well and have a certain aura of innocence and beauty (sufficient to attract a fairy!)

Tryamour:  the Fairy Queen, playing age 20, ability to dance preferred but not essential.

King Arthur: playing age 40, minimum height 5 ft 10.

Fee £500.

Preparation -  lines to learn will be emailed along with a synopsis of the story.

There are also other speaking parts to cast from among the auditionees although these will be unpaid.

Expenses will be paid.
Shooting dates May16-30 with a four-day intensive rehearsal weekend April 23-26.
The budget for the film is around £20,000. The 58,000 euro award also covers a book, an exhibition, and the distribution of DVDs of the film to tourist centres across England and France.
Our co-partners are Le Centre d’Imaginaire Arthurien in Brittany.

Contact Alex at
Include a photograph and CV. 
More information on the project, the Fairytale Films website.

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