Friday, December 4, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are UK Premiere

12 year old Max Records star of Where The Wild Things Are met some of his young English fans at the film's UK premiere in London this week.

Max Records, who plays mischievous Max in the movie, stopped to sign autographs in the heavy rain.
He said: "London seems pretty great, honestly. It's so rainy, it's awesome.
"I live in Portland, Oregon, and it's like this a lot."
The film focuses on Max as he runs away from home to the fantasy world of the Wild Things and becomes their king.
Producer Vince Landay said the biggest problem they faced was turning Maurice Sendak's 11-line children's book into a 90-minute movie.
He also paid tribute to his young star, saying Records had "worked harder than any other actor we've ever worked with".
Records responded: "I didn't realise how hard I was working... I was too busy falling asleep to do that.

"The only time I ever had to think about it was when I was at home, and when I was at home I was sleeping."

When asked what it was like starring in a film alongside monsters, the youngster quipped: "Pretty much like working with a guy wearing a monster suit."

The movie was directed by Spike Jonze (pictured above with Max) and co-produced by Tom Hanks.

It will be released in UK cinemas on December 11.

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