Monday, December 21, 2009


Production will start next year on BBC Films development of the Cherub teenage spy series of books, written by Robert Muchamore.
Cherub:The Recruit, marks the start of what BBC Films hopes will be a franchise aimed at the 14-16 age group. There are twelve books in the series.
The story follows James Adams, a member of Cherub, a top-secret branch of the British Secret Service, which recruits orphan children and trains them as intelligence officers.
CHERUB: The Recruit tells James Adams' story from the day his mother dies and his transformation from a couch potato into a skilled CHERUB agent.
It also introduces his friends Lauren, Kyle, Kerry and the rest of the cherubs for the first time and relates how James foiled the biggest terrorist massacre in British history.
Chris Smith (Triangle, Creep) is directing and Sarah Radclyffe is producing. 


  1. Thank You for posting this. Do you think the will hold open auditions?

  2. There's lots of parts to cast so they may do, if only for publicity purposes! Will keep you posted.

  3. Where will filming take place? Are they still looking for cast members?