Monday, November 9, 2009

Freddie Highmore grows up

Freddie Highmore's latest film Master Harold & The Boys is due for release in 2010 and was filmed in South Africa at the beginning of this year.

The film is based on a play from the 80's, where the entire action took place in a lunch cafe and starred only three characters. Freddie plays the part of Harold/Hally, a spoilt South African school boy.

Hally, a white South African, is torn between his bigoted biological father’s expectations of him and those of his spiritual father, Sam, a black waiter and Hally’s friend and teacher. Young Hally is obliged to laugh at his father’s racist jokes and empty chamber pots; by contrast, Sam exposes Hally to positive experiences. After being humiliated by his father, Sam shows Hally how to be proud of something he’s achieved by helping him build and fly his own kite. A timeless story of racial and family strife, set in 1950 South Africa.

Now age 17, Freddie Highmore (represented by ARG) has been working steadily since 2004's FINDING NEVERLAND, opposite Johnny Depp, who he teamed up with again the following year in Tim Burton's CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. He's also starred in such films as A GOOD YEAR, AUGUST RUSH, the animated ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES, and THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES. He's a lot taller now, and his voice is now in the lower registers, but he still has those boyish Freddie Highmore looks.

Watch the trailer:

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