Friday, October 9, 2009

The Scouting Book for Boys

Having its UK premiere at the London Film Festival is long awaited low budget feature The Scouting Book for Boys starring two of Screenterrier's young Faces to Watch.

Thomas Turgoose and Holliday Grainger (both represented by Troika) star as best friends David and Emily.

Having grown up together on a caravan park on the Norfolk coast where their respective parents work, young teenagers David ( Turgoose) and Emily (Grainger) have become close friends, deeply reliant on each other for distractions and mischief. It's a shock to them both when it's decided that Emily is to be sent away to live with her father, and there's even greater alarm throughout the park community when Emily disappears. David struggles to cope as the situation grows ever more complex.

Turgoose has already starred in Shane Meadows’s This Is England and Somers Town and Grainger in Awaydays and Demons but The Scouting Book for Boys is the first feature film production for the director Tom Harper (maker of acclaimed short Cubs), writer Jack Thorne (playwright and Skins contributor), and also producer Ivana Mackinnon.

It’s a tragic love story, according to the actress Holliday Grainger. Her co-star Thomas Turgoose corrects her: “It’s a love story gone wrong.”

Filming too place around the Norfolk coast from Hunstanton to Lowestoft, with the cast and crew staying on the caravan park location at Holkham Bay.

Mackinnon says: “It was like a school camp. Living on the caravan site and then rolling out of the caravans and shooting.” Turgoose adds: “It was the first film I have done without a chaperone. My caravan was like my own house.”

Grainger says: “I’m quite a lot older than the character but during the film I became 14 for the whole time. Me and Tomo would just come into the production office and cause mayhem.”

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