Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Off the Hook

Following the success of its online debut on BBC Switch last year, Off The Hook (formerly Fresh) – a comedy set in the world of university freshers – is airing in full multi-channel broadcast on BBC Switch on BBC Two from Saturday 12th September. It is the first UK comedy series to make the transition from online to a BBC TV channel.

Off The Hook explores the lives of a mismatched group of fresh-faced students as they enjoy their first taste of independence, with all the mishaps and misadventures that entails.

The show features a cast of both new and established actors, including: Jonathan Bailey as Danny; Danny Morgan as Shane; Joanna Cassidy as Scarlet; and James Buckley (from the Inbetweeners) as Fred.

In the first episode, Danny embarks on his first week at uni – the fun, the parties and the girls, including Becky.

However, Danny is about to get an earth-shattering blast from the past in the form of Shane, his outrageous slacker mate from school and the "worst best friend ever". Blagging his way in through last-minute clearing, Shane proceeds to gatecrash Danny's entire existence and ransack his best-laid plans.

Off The Hook forms part of a season of new drama and comedy for teens on Switch in the autumn. This also includes The Cut, a new, multi-platform soap which airs in five-minute episodes on bbc.co.uk/switch, with a weekly omnibus in the Switch zone on BBC Two.

Off The Hook can also be seen on BBC Three on Thursdays.

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