Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Cut

Another new teen drama hits our screens in September. The Cut.

Viewers are introduced to four very different teens, each with their own reasons for entering or trying to leave the world of The Cut, in BBC Switch's new multi-platform soap, featuring fast-paced storylines packed with plenty of drama.

Jay is looking for answers; Stephen's been suspended from school and doesn't have anywhere else to go; Marla is hunting high and low for her mum; and Olive can't wait to escape from it all with her secret boyfriend.

But with a hooded man stalking the streets and the age-old animosity between Loxley and Mackinnon at boiling point, will any of them survive the first episode?

Featuring a cast of rising stars and storylines suggested by teens, The Cut broadcasts online from Monday to Friday in five-minute episodes at, with an omnibus edition on BBC Two on Saturdays.

Jay is played by former Power Ranger Samuell Benta, Stephen by newcomer Matthew Kane (Mark Jermin Management), Marla by reality TV star Shipwrecked's Lara Goodison, and Olive by Billie North.

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