Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Go Backstage with My Almost Famous Family

After holding open auditions back in January, CBBC's latest comedy-drama with a musical twist My Almost Famous Family is highly-anticipated.

On Saturday 29 August 10.00–10.30am on BBC TWO there's a chance to go behind the scenes.

Backstage is a brand-new show, giving CBBC viewers a tantalising taste of some of its big, forthcoming series and letting them into the behind-the-scenes secrets of the shows. Narrated by Mackenzie Crook, Backstage kicks off with a peek at the new musical comedy series, My Almost Famous Family.

Each glossy, bespoke, "making-of" half-hour combines key interviews with the main cast and crew, with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and clips.

This first programme introduces viewers to the story of My Almost Famous Family, setting up the main characters and exploring how the series has been made – from building the sets, to creating the music and filming a food fight!

As well as providing an exciting insight into the series, Backstage also gives viewers an opportunity to see all the work that goes into getting a drama on the air.

Screenterrier can also confirm that former Sylvia Young student Dominique Moore (represented by United Agents) will be playing one of the lead roles - Aretha.

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