Friday, July 10, 2009

Bo and the Spirit World casting story

Filming has now been completed on the new CBBC drama "Bo and the Spirit World", Screenterrier reported on the open auditions, and casting news.
Henry Wu who was cast as Ji has written an account of the casting process he went through:

I found a CBBC drama that I could audition for called “Bo and the spirit world”, this is the main storyline: Five children get transported to a spirit world and don’t even know each other (apart from Bo and Timothy); the five children are Bo, Timothy (Bo is Timothy’s older sister), Martin, Trix and Vicky. They meet a Gypsy and she tells them that they had to find twelve “spirit pieces” to go back home. Armed with super heroic powers the five must go on a quest with their friends to save not only their own grandma but the entire universe from their arch enemy Li and his shadow ninjas.The series was written by Jo Ho and is directed and produced by Jon East.

I wanted to audition for the character Timothy so I had to give in an application form. Luckily the CBBC accepted my application and I went to central London for an audition. At the audition we got into groups of three and do an improvisation on when we first got transported to the spirit world and met the gypsy. After that we got into pairs and practised a script. Then it was the nerve-racking bit, we got filmed reading our script.

I was really happy when I found out that I would be going to the second round audition, which was also at Central London. This time we practised some martial arts first (the shows would contain Kong Fu) with a martial arts expert. Next we did an improvisation on when we had to go through a cave to find a spirit piece. Then we practised a script and got recorded doing it. After I did the second round I really didn’t think I would get through to the next round, but guess what, I did! But this time I didn’t go to Central London, I went to the 3 Mill Studios in East London. It was a proper place were filming took place and it was so fancy. This time all I had to do was to read a script with a partner (I received the script two days ago) while they filmed it. And I got through, again. This time I went to the same place as last time and read a script with a girl that had already been chosen to play as Bo.

A week later I got the results of the auditions. The bad news: I didn’t get through as Timothy. The good news: I got a guest role as Ji in the show! Also this was a really good experience for me and I got to miss lots of school.

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