Monday, May 11, 2009

Hannah Murray

Screenterrier joined in the speculation re Hannah Murray becoming the new assistant to Matt Smith's new Dr Who here.

Skins actress Hannah Murray apparently told BBC Entertainment Report Lizo Mzimba that she wasn't going to commit to Doctor Who, despite press reports in March, and the details were relayed to a waiting world by Mzimba via his Twitter fee:

Just spoke to the lovely Hannah Murray who says she definitely isn't going to be Matt Smith's assitant in Dr Who.

Hannah Murray said: It was something I could never consider cos I'm doing a degree at the moment so I could never commit to a show that big.

Hannah Murray continued re rumours: "That was never founded in fact." And re-asserted that companion was "definitely not" going to be her.

So - with many expecting Murray to be a dead-cert for the role, the quest for the Eleventh Doctor's companion is thrown wide open. But with just 2 months before filming begins, it's likely the real name will be revealed soon...

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