Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bo and the Spirit World casting news

14 year old Gilles Geary (from the Young Actors Theatre) has been cast in the role of Trix in the new CBBC drama Bo and The Spirit World.

Screenterrier posted the details here on the CBBC open casting call to find British Chinese children to play 13 year old Bo and her younger brother Timothy.
It seems they had problems finding a suitable young British Chinese girl for Bo so have cast a 17 year old actress Jessica Henwick, an undergraduate at Redroofs Theatre School.
Jessica attended a string of auditions to gain the part of Bo -the leader of the Spirit Warriors and the role is described as "a bit like Tank Girl" - forceful, determined and tenacious.
Bo and Timothy are transported into the ’spirit world’ where, as in all good children’s series, they embark on a martial arts filled quest to save their grandma and the universe from a supervillain called Li and his ’shadow ninjas’.


  1. Henry Wu was selected as Timothy, but the Timothy role was changed to a girl as Jen, so Henry was offered a role as Ji.

  2. i think all the cast in spirit warroir are fantastic or shall i say excellent!!!!