Thursday, April 2, 2009

Skellig characters

Look out for Skye Bennett (represented by Jackie Palmer) who plays Mina in Skellig on Sky 1 this Easter.

Mina is a girl who lives near Michael. She is home schooled, so she is sometimes unaccustomed to the behaviour of other kids her age. Mina likes art and poetry (her favourite poet is William Blake). Mina is also fascinated by nature. When Michael takes Mina to see Skellig, she is intrigued by the strange creature. She helps Michael with his plan to get Skellig in better health.

Skye Bennett is 13-years-old, but she’s had a lot of experience already, appearing in such programmes as “Holby City,” “Torchwood,” “Doctors,” “Boy A,” and many more. She is a vegetarian, and she enjoys figure skating.

Interview with Skye from Maidenhead Advertiser:

An actress from Maidenhead will be watching herself on television this weekend when the film she stars in hits Sky 1.

Skye Bennett started filming for Skellig in August last year and is looking forward to watching the children's tale with family and friends on Sunday.

The 13-year-old who plays Mina and trains at the Jackie Palmer Stage School said: "I really like playing her."

During the last two years, the actress from Larchfield Road has starred in films such as Ballet Shoes, Dark Floors and Boy A.

Speaking just hours before performing in Burnt by the Sun, a play at London's National Theatre, Skye talked about the future and said: "What I would really like to do is have a lead starring role.
"Something that would hit cinemas - that would be really sweet."

The new feature film tells the story of David Almond's children's novel.
It was shot in and around Cardiff between August and October last year, and also stars Tim Roth, Kelly McDonald, John Simm and Bill Milner.

Skye's father, Jim, said that him and his wife have had to change their lifestyles to chaperone their daughter when filming.

The teacher said: "I am now a supply teacher and that means I am more free to look after Skye. My wife has to take days off too sometimes - but it is worth it."

The family were picked up in a silver BMW last month to attend a film premiere in London, and will be watching Skellig again with friends at their home on Sunday.