Tuesday, March 3, 2009


12 year old William Miller, star of the 2007 BBC TV adaptation of "Oliver Twist" returns to our screens in a thought-provoking new, three-part drama serial for CBBC on BBC One called "Runaways".

He plays 11 year old Sean who is ignored at home by his mother and made to look after his two younger brothers. Fleeing his unhappy home life and bullying at school, Sean takes to the streets and meets serial runaway Molly (played by newcomer Saffron Coomber (Theatre Street) who had a small role in the BBC's Christmas hit "Dustbin Baby"). Together the pair attempt to survive by sleeping rough and trying to find food before falling into the clutches of a deceptive stranger.

The series follows the police search for Sean and the emotional ramifications for his mother and brothers. Sean's occasional imaginings, fears and fantasies are portrayed in brief animations, based on original drawings by William Miller, which bring his heightened senses to life.

Playing his brothers are young Jack Scanlon (Hamilton Hodell), last seen as Shmuel in "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" , and Haydon Downing, who played little Walter in "Cranford".

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