Friday, February 6, 2009

Feature film casting call - Scotland

 The search is on to find two young Scots to star in a new movie from Harry Potter director Alfonso Cuaron.
The Mexican film-maker, one of Hollywood's hottest talents, is looking for two youngsters to take lead roles in his next project, A Boy and his Shoe, which is to be filmed in Scotland, England and France this spring.

Cuaron, who directed hit films Children of Men and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is scouring Scotland for the ideal boys to star in his new road movie, which is due to begin shooting in the spring.
The film, set in Scotland, England and France, follows the progress of Paddy, shy, vulnerable and bullied by friends and family, who forges a strong friendship with Elijah, slightly older but just as lonely.
Open casting calls have recently been held in Perth and Glasgow. The would-be movie stars were given dialogue to read as well as improvisation tasks and an informal chat in front of the cameras with casting director Kahleen Crawford.
A spokeswoman for Ms Crawford said several of the youngsters had “caught the eye”. “Kahleen was impressed with a few of the people she saw so it was worth doing,” she said.
“Alfonso Cuaron is one of the most respected contemporary directors and the fact he’s bringing the film to Scotland and looking for fresh talent is a great opportunity.”
Anyone who missed the audition still has time to put themselves forward for the roles. Budding actors can e-mail their full contact details, address and a recent photograph to


We are looking for two Scottish boys aged between 16-18 for the film, with genuine Scottish accents. They don't need to have drama experience as the characters are both the boys are 'outsiders' so it could be the quieter boys that have something about them that could be great as well.

There are two characters PADDY & EILIJAH.

Paddy around 14/ 15 (but would be played by a young looking 16 year old) and is written as having a mother from the Gypsy / Traveller community and a father from the settled community, so would be caucasian but very possibly with dark looks. Slim build. Paddy is quite shy and vunerable - bullied by his friends and family.

Elijah is around 17 and from a Gypsy / traveller background and would also be dark in his looks. He is a bit nerdy and a bit of a lonely. He seems quite young for his age and easily makes friends with a younger boy. Elijah is insecure and curious about the world outside his community.

Those who attend the casting sessions must be aged 16 to 18 years old as of April 2009, but have the potential to look around the age of 14 to 15 years old.
They must also have a Scottish accent.


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