Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Secret Of Moonacre

Based on the novel 'The Little White Horse' by Elizabeth Goudge, The Secret Of Moonacre will be released in UK cinemas on 6th February 2009.

The film follows the quest of thirteen-year-old Maria Merryweather (Dakota Blue Richards) who is left orphaned after the death of her father. Dying penniless, her father leaves her with only her loyal governess Miss Heliotrope (Juliet Stevenson), to care for her and a huge, musty, old, leather bound book: “The Ancient Chronicles of Moonacre Valley”.

Perplexed by her father’s mysterious legacy, Maria is told she must leave London and go to the country where she will live with her uncle, Sir Benjamin Merryweather, (Ioan Gruffudd). It is there Maria uncovers the dark truth of the ancient curse that has nourished the feud that has been destroying Moonacre Valley for centuries...

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