Saturday, January 3, 2009

Half-Moon Investigations CBBC

After axing long-standing children's drama " Grange Hill," the BBC announced a raft of new children's dramas to (hopefully) take its place. The first of the school-based dramas, and setting a very high standard, was "Summerhill" shown in January last year. It was even deemed worthy enough to be shown as a full-length film on BBC4.

Monday 5th January 2009 sees the start of a new 13-part school-based comedy drama series on CBBC called Half Moon Investigations. Based on award-winning children's author Eoin Colfer's best-selling book, school boy turned private detective, Fletcher "Half" Moon (Rory Elrick), gets to work solving mysteries and fighting for justice in the school playground.

Rory Elrick plays 13 year old Fletcher "Half" Moon

Rory attends the Scottish Youth Theatre where the producers of Half Moon Investigations discovered the talented youngster.

"I've have going there to Saturday classes since I was three. My mum and dad thought that it would develop my confidence. I don't think I lacked confidence as such, and I found that I really enjoyed it and I still go there."
Half Moon Investigations is the first time Rory has performed in front of a TV camera.
"I don't usually get nervous, but I haven't actually done this before so it was a new experience and I was a bit nervous to start with because I didn't know what to expect.
"I just hope my friends at school like it. They know that I am filming something but they don't really know what it is. I was away from school for about 12 weeks and had a tutor instead which is a totally different experience. It has some good points but you are not with your friends."
15 year old Sebastian Charles (Genesis Theatre School) plays Red Sharkey, another newcomer in his first TV role, who had to have his hair dyed red for the part.

Mia Stone is played by 13 year old actress Olivia Grant (CS Management), daughter of music coaches David and Carrie Grant. Olivia is no stranger to TV having appeared in Tracey Beaker, and in EastEnders as Bernadette, the girl who bullied Abby. But playing Mia is Olivia's biggest role to date .
Another newcomer thirteen-year-old Nicola Duffell (Mark Jermin Management) from Brighton plays April Devereaux. "This is the first acting part I have ever got and I have been to loads of auditions."

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