Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globe winner Kate Winslet started young...

Kate Winslet, (represented by United Agents) who last night won two Golden Globe awards is a shining example of how to rise from UK child actor to global star.

Kate trained at Redroofs Day School from the age of 11 to 17. She worked fairly consistently as a child, particularly in her last few years at school. At 15, Winslet was a lead in Dark Season, a BBC children’s science-fiction series written by Russell T Davies. It was through the Redroofs Agency that she secured her first starring role in a feature film (Heavenly Creatures) which took her to New Zealand for 11 months. From here her career literally took off. In 1997 Titanic made her an international star.

Did you always know you wanted to be an actress?

Always. It was a matter of fact: that's what I will do. I imagined that I'd be very much a jobbing actor, a strolling player. Because to this day a lot of the members of my family work very intermittently and are always looking for work. And sometimes have to earn money in other ways – such as waitressing. We've all been there! No one was more shocked than me when I was suddenly in a movie when I was 17. And the level of excitement that I feel when I get a job that I really want is still present in me today. When Alan called me, there were tears and joy and dancing and immediately calling my mum! I'm still like that.

What would you say if your daughter decided to be an actress?

I would support her in whatever she decided she wanted to be. I think she will be an actress. You can already tell which way your child is going emotionally and she's got a wild imagination on her.

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