Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Casting for BBC Children's Drama


Lime Pictures are looking for identical twin actors aged 11 to 14 to appear in a BBC children's drama. Filming will take place in June, July and August 2014.

They are also looking for a 9 to 11 year old partially deaf actress with clear speech to appear in a BBC children's drama. The character was born hearing but is now partially deaf. Filming will take place in June, July and August 2014.

Please email Sonia Allam on to register interest.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tointon sisters join cast of Mr Selfridge

The Selfridge children are all grown up in the third series of Mr Selfridge, which picks up in 1919 just after the end of World War I.

In the new series which is about to start filming in London,  the role of Harry’s eldest daughter, Rosalie, (played by Poppy Lee Friar in Series 1 and 2) is taken over by Kara Tointon. Kara (represented by Curtis Brown) played Dawn Swann in Eastenders for four years and won Strictly Come Dancing in 2010.

Kara’s real-life sister, Hannah Tointon, plays her rebellious sister, Violette in a move that sees the sisters acting together for the first time. 26 year old Hannah (represented by Independent Talent) played Katy Fox in Hollyoaks and more recently starred in Switch on ITV2 and BBC's The Hour.

In the new ten-episode series Rosalie is set to marry the handsome son of trouble-making Russian princess Marie, played by Zoe Wanamaker. Serge is played by Leon Ockenden (Waterloo Road, Casualty, Heartbeat).

Sacha Parkinson (represented by Curtis Brown) also joins the cast to play Kitty Hawkins (Amy Beth Hayes) ambitious younger sister.

Filming is taking place on location in Greater London with a lavish replica of the 1919 Selfridge’s shop floor being recreated in a former carpet warehouse. The exterior of the store will be filmed in the historic Dockyard Chatham in Kent.

Kate Brooke (Ice Cream Girls, Making of a Lady) returns as the lead writer working alongside Kate O’Riordan (The Bad Mother’s Handbook, The Kindness of Strangers) and Helen Raynor (Baker Boys, Doctor Who).

 Lindy Woodhead, author of Shopping Seduction and Mr Selfridge, the book that inspired the series, continues in her role as advisor on retail history.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Casting call for new CBBC sci-fi drama series

Michelle Smith Casting are currently looking for twins to play lead roles in a new CBBC drama called World’s End.

World's End is described as an Apocalyptic Twin Peaks. For Teens. It’s soap. It’s comedy. It’s drama. It’s mystery…all tied up in a nice high volume, high concept and exciting new Series for CBBC.

It might be the end of the world…but it’s the beginning of a whole new adventure…
A group of teenagers from very different backgrounds move into a fairytale Scottish castle and soon find that their very own Once Upon a Time is the start of a rollercoaster adventure full of love, laughter and a mystery that will see them hurtling towards the World’s End…
World’s End is a small village in the remote highlands of Scotland – Population: Hardly Any.
World’s End Castle is a military base for military employees and their families. Or is it…?
World’s End is what is going to happen in the not so distant future…
World’s End follows the lives of ten very different teenagers: full of the highs, the lows…the wonderful…and the really really weird…

The series will shoot from June 18th - October 24th 2014.


To play 15 year olds but will see older to play down to 15.


Luke’s a diamond, but he really doesn’t know it. Smart, good-looking, and all round good guy, Luke’s a shy hero in the making. He’s slow to open up to folk, but, despite his shyness, is a good laugh once you get to know him and loyal to the people he loves. All he can see though is his inferiority next to his twin brother, Noah. But when the castle’s secret is blown, Luke’s confidence begins to grow and he steps out of Noah’s shadow to become an unwitting, natural-born leader and hero. Luke is living, breathing evidence that nice guys don’t come last.

Noah is the all round Alpha. He’s hot, confident, popular and never loses at anything. He’s not arrogant, he just knows his own mind and has never been wrong or failed at anything, so he has no reason to ever doubt himself. He’s the guy every other guy wants to be and every girl has a bit of a crush on. But Noah’s world starts to fall apart when he discovers the castle’s secret. Every coin has two sides…and Noah soon starts to use his good strong qualities with bad intent until he ultimately becomes the series’ very bad penny.

If you think you fit the brief please email

No phone calls please.

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